I founded the group in 2013, when I witnessed similiar projects popping up across the UK. After approaching QUAD, they offered us a monthly meeting space and we’ve met there ever since, for two hours crammed with writing tips, exercises and idea sparks. As well as planning and running these sessions, I manage the group’s social media accounts.



The DYW Instagram feed is targeted specifically at teen writers. It’s crammed full of idea sparks and inspiring tips as well as information on events, competitions and opportunities for writers aged 12-18.



A place to keep up with the news about the group. As well as regularly posting links of interest, including competitions and tips, I create event pages to promote themed meetings. This include details of what will be covered, important information and eyecatching banners and graphics designed to match the theme.


Woven Worlds

In 2019, Derby Young Writers hosted an online writing showcase to celebrate National Writing Day.

Throughout the day, stories, extracts and poems were posted to a dedicated blog page. These posts were shared through the Instagram page, using specially designed graphics for every submission.