What I do

  • Help businesses reach new audiences and convince new customers using original content that is as engaging as it is persuasive

  • Share stories spun from truth, with messages that resonate and ideas that convince

  • More than simply create, I collaborate: connecting completely with clients and their business, staying faithful to brand identity

  • Craft content that is optimised for search engines, using longtail keywords to make websites climb the search rankings

  • Create blog posts, website and brochure copy, and social media posts that entertain while they promote

  • Write on a range of lifestyle topics, including books, family matters, travel and home improvements

  • Draw on years of experience writing blog posts, copy, features and fiction to write content that connects with consumers

  • Spark creativity in others, running workshops with teens, adult learners and community helping people to connect with others, their experiences and to connect with themselves

  • Use the skills I honed in a former librarian life to write content that is extensively researched, reliable and relevant

Who I’ve worked with

What they say

It’s been a pleasure to work with Susan on a number of writing projects spanning multiple industries, styles, and topics.

Her attention to detail is impeccable, and her writing style is incredibly flexible; exactly what we need when switching from DIY and renovation content to fashion and travel topics.

Susan’s tone of voice makes each article incredibly easy to read. Something which both we, and our clients, are very appreciative of. Her interpretations of our briefs are always spot-on and her understanding of how to weave our chosen keywords in to her work in a natural and unobtrusive way is fantastic.

Susan is a professional, friendly, and talented writer and I would highly recommend her services.

-- Lauren Roitman Boom Marketing

I've used Susan for a number of different writing projects now, and each time I've been absolutely delighted with the results.

Her work is consistent, thoroughly researched and very well written. She has a strong grasp of writing for SEO and from a marketing perspective, while also remaining creative and “human” in her approach.

Her time keeping is impeccable as is her ability to take direction. She's professional, polite and has become my first port-of-call for any writing I need to outsource. I'll have no hesitation utilising Susan's skills in future projects either.

-- Amy Short Boom Marketing