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Who I Am

Shrouded by sheets strung between the backs of chairs, I started telling stories by torchlight to my little sister. Through teenage scrawlings across an online blog and a first class creative writing degree and postgrad, playing with words is not a choice for me: it’s a compulsion.

This is why I spin my living from words: from love not obligation.

Other Things I Love

  • Living other people’s stories: from stage, from screen and from the page

  • Torn herbs and citrus spark; the sweet-hot rush of layering spices on mince; the blip of plum tomatoes collapsing in to sauce; cooking, creating and trying to tease basic ingredients into a sum so much greater than it’s parts

  • The catch and pull of muscles pulled taut in a yoga pose

  • Exploring new places, places that are crumbling, wild or any other beautiful

If you want to know more specifics about my skills and experience, take a look at my professional CV below.